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Tommy Conway

So this week I am going to give a quick rundown of three health and fitness products that I really like and use.

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First up is the -Tronsmart GLEAM wireless headphones- €39.99 (FIXMYI): I started using these headphones when we moved the clinic to Axis business park and wanted to walk to and from work. They are very comfortable and wireless so no cables (thank god for that invention), also the sound is excellent and you can take calls on the move. The key feature which I think a lot of people will like is that they glow in the dark, I like this for walking at night or early morning in the dark. The band at the back flashes or stays a constant luminous green for safety reasons. For me, every runner/ walker should have a pair as they light up the most important area when running at night, your head. They really are the best product I have bought in a while, very comfortable in your ear, I wear a wooly hat over them on the way to work you wouldn't even notice them. They can be bought at any Fixmyi store Tullamore, Mullingar, and Athlone.

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Secondly is the -Oura ring- €329 ( This is a sleep tracking device that I use personally to track my sleep on a daily basis. This product is quite expensive but very accurate to sleep quality. There are three small receptors that sit on the inside of the ring that accurately gives a reading of heart rate so you can estimate when your body is going through the different sleep cycles (REM, Deep Sleep). It's the most expensive form of sleep tracker and it comes with some fatal flaws: 1: The battery only last 2 - 3 days which means you have to charge it every second day. 2: Its ugly: you are meant to wear it during the day but its very bulky and stands out from the crowd so you don't get an activity tracker with your sleep tracker. The good news is there is a new Oura ring on the way and it has a battery like for a week so I think I'll be investing.

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Third, we have the -Tronsmart element T4 portable Bluetooth speaker- €29.99 (FIXMYI): This is perfect for all outdoor activities. This product is water resistant and has a playback time of 6 hours. I think this is ideal for hiking activities which have become more prominent in Irish culture over the last few years. hiking is something that is going to grow and grow over the next few years and I feel its a brilliant activity for people to maintain basic fitness. If you a hike in a group this can be a brilliant product for background music.

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