Physio, Chiro, Massage - Who should I go to?

Ed Scully - Soft Tissue Specialist

Thats me on the right side and yes he is enjoying it - Pic taken at Tullamore Half Marathon

Thats me on the right side and yes he is enjoying it - Pic taken at Tullamore Half Marathon

So should you go to the physio, chiro or do you need a Massage?

I know, I know it can be very confusing but also so simple. You don't need to know everything about your body to know what you need. A simple way to look at it is like this:

If you are someone that suffers from constant tightness in their neck (Having a heavy head)It doesn't get worse or better - Get a massage

If you are someone that has constant, nagging pain running down your shoulder blades (whatever you do you can't stretch it) Get a massage

Pain in your elbow and you can’t grip a pen or lift the kettle - here's a simple tip Get a massage.

You started exercising and now you have stiffness in your legs and hips because it's getting near Christmas and you want to lose some weight, put it back on and then do it all again in January - I can make your life easier Get a massage

If you are someone that struggles to get from a sit to a stand without stiffness in your back (Takes you 30 seconds to straighten) Get a massage

Love to run, exercises, gym but feel you're slowing down, NO you do not have a major condition maybe you have a build up of muscle soreness - Get a massage

If you have being diagnosed with arthritis (Sore joints always achy) Get a massage

If you can't get your foot to the ground in the morning (Takes you a few minutes to be able to walk on your heel) - Get a massage, most people love when you massage their feet.

The thing about massage is that it's everywhere and easily accessible BUT it's very important to massage the right person at the right time. I have extensive Knowledge of soft tissue techniques and I am also a trained Sports rehabilitator. I work as a soft tissue specialists at TC Physiotherapy and in that environment where there are 3 chartered physiotherapists who will give me clients and say “work your magic” as they know that all this person needs is a massage, Not exercises, and they know I am the best at doing it. Yes, massage is cheaper but a good massage therapist should know when to move you on not hold you back. A good soft tissue specialist should know when not to give you a massage.


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