Your childs feet turn in, but why?

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So why do your child's feet turn in and what causes it?

  • The feet turn in because of a lack of control at the pelvis and femur (thigh bone)

  • The left foot usually turns in more than the right - but why? (Blog 2 coming soon)

Check the ribs:

The ribs should sit flat on the body and should not be flared upwards

This pattern happens when a young child loses rib control and the ribs are moving towards the chin more than towards the pelvis.

We need obliques

The oblique muscles control the pelvis position and keep the ribs in a downward position

If the obliques lose control, the pelvis drops forward resulting in an anterior pelvic tilt. This then makes the femur internally rotate and in result you have someone who has both feet turned in.

How does someone lose control of the ribs?

They lose control of their ribs because they are a MOUTH BREATHERS.

  • It is very important for kids to learn how to nasal breath especially at night.

  • Nasal breathing also helps them get a good contraction of obliques and allows the diaphragm to descend.

  • Also over reliance on thumb sucking and a pacifier/soother can cause an open mouth at night resulting in mouth breathing

In conclusion

If your child's feet turn in don’t go straight for the orthotics just check to see where the ribs are?

Any questions please send me a mail

Tommy Conway