Pain-free Life - My Journey to Wellness

Pain-free Life

My Journey to Wellness

By Andrea Hayes

This is an enlightening and inspiring book and a must read for anyone who has acute or chronic pain or recovering from an illness.  It’s an insightful and thought-provoking read for anyone who is in chronic pain or for loved ones who want to support and understand the daily struggle of life with an invisible illness.

The first part of the book is Andrea’s compelling and candid story of life with constant pain.  The second part reveals the author’s own wellness plan.  It’s a step by step guide to her own personal pain management program.  In short, it’s her personal search for a pain free life.

Well worth a read.

Key takeaways:

  • You have the choice to do something about your pain.  You do have control.

  • It’s a must read for anyone who has a loved one in pain.  Unless you are in pain, you really can’t fully understand what it’s like.

“For those who life is a daily struggle with chronic pain, physical and or emotional, Andrea Hayes offers something much more valuable than a quick fix cure-all, she offers hope.  The cure starts with(in) you”.

Mark Cagney, TV3.

Andrea Hayes is living proof that the ‘mind-body’ approach works.  Her book is an inspiration to all who have struggled over many years to cope with their chronic pain and should be ready by all living with chronic pain and in particular by Healthcare Professionals”.

John Lindsey, Chairperson, Chronic Pain Ireland.



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