The stiff commuter

The commute; be it on a train,bus or by car we are all doing one thing and that is


So sitting is not good for us and a lot of people have talked about this so I won't.

I am going to give a few tips on how to improve your sitting and stop some muscles becoming over active

First off the common muscles that get stiff on a long commute (sit) are:

  1. Lower back (lats)

  2. Neck

  3. Calf's

So what off loads the above muscles

  1. Abs (obliques really) Offloads neck and back

  2. Hamstrings (especially left :) ) offloads the calf's

So here is how you set up to get them abs and hamstrings working

Left knee slights behind right

Left shoulder below right

  1. Flatten your lower back into the chair

  2. Point your toes towards the ceiling and dig your heels into the floor

  3. You should feel hamstrings

  4. Try and shift your left knee behind your right

  5. Side bend your trunk to the left (left shoulder lower than the right) and you should feel left abs

  6. Keep your two hands on your knees and then push down against your knees = abs

  7. Take 5 deep breaths - repeat 3 times throughout your journey

If you have a table in front of you - train journeys you can get abs to really come on:

  1. Repeat above steps and then place two arms on the table in front

  2. Press down through your forearms and feel your stomach engage

P.S If anyone wants rationale for why i pick left hamstring etc and side bend left give me an email and l'll explain in more detail.


Tommy Conway