Fix Your Toe Touch - Fix Your Teeth

So does your teeth stop you from touching your toes?

Well not really, it's not the source the issue we have to delve deeper

  • The brain controls all and we can influence with some simple tricks (that's as deep as i am going)

  • We can influence the brain through respiration

  • The body has too distinct patterns of response

  • Rest and digest = recovery and pain free - nose breather

  • Fight and flight = Body in a state of shock and usually in pain = mouth breather + TEETH CLENCHING

  • This fight and flight response is a necessary response but with people in pain they find it very hard to get out of this system and into the rest and digest.

  • If the body perceives there is a threat it will cause a change in posture and respiration

So what we do is take away one of these responses and see what happens. The easiest one to take away is the teeth clenching. We insert a flat plane plastic mouthguard to take away that enamel on enamel (plastic on enamel) it’s a CIRCUIT BREAKER.

We bring the body from fight and flight to rest and digest instantly and see what happens.

In the video below you will see an immediate difference in how the body moves, the spine moves differently.

Please Note * that this effects a select few people but it is important to understand that how this can affect young sport people or young children because between the ages of 10 - 20 we are more than likely going to get braces and change the position of our teeth.