Barry Minnock - Points to take home

Update on Kevin:

Kevin has been doing great now and that left foot injury is a distant foggy memory. He has his last long run on Sunday which he told me he “nailed it”, I treated him Monday and everything is moving well and no major tightness or soreness is noted. The most important thing for Kevin is to make sure he is well rested and that he doesn't do a lot of sightseeing around Frankfurt. I have advised him to bring a good book or even a film on his iPad so he doesn't get bored trying to understand German tv. I wish him the best and I hope he achieves his goal.

4 Things to do 4 days out:

1.     Get a massage -  a light one. (4 days out from race)

2.     Get your gear ready, gels, food etc. (3 days out from race

3.     Stretch foam roll for 30 mins 2 x day (2 days out from the race)

4.     Get the race number and get home to rest (don't hang around) (1 day out from the race)

Take homes from our evening for runner’s event

We had a great night at our evening for runner’s event and I’d like to thank everyone for coming. Barry Minnock done a great talk on 10 tips for a marathon training which I have listed below.

Barry's words of wisdom:

      1.What do you want from doing a marathon?

       If you want to complete one - yes go ahead and complete one

       If you want to start aiming for times you need to build up over several years.

       Barry maintains that you should take time doing 5 and 10 ks as benchmarks to build towards a marathon.

      2. Keep an eye of the future:

       Barry maintains running is an obsession and probably something you will do for life so don’t train like a lunatic and get injured

       Barry also makes the point that when you get a serious injury you need to go back to the start and rebuild. So, if you were doing 60 miles a week after an injury he would start at 5 miles a week and build over a 6-month period.

      3. Plan and log:

       Plan your schedule and log every run

       Log also your food intake and sleep

       Remember the mind plays tricks so when you have it written down there is no second guessing.

     4.Train with and learn from others.

       Running is very lonely and sometimes a 1 hour run can seem like 3 hours

       Also, when injured it's important to stay connected with the community, a lot of people will go away and hide from their fellow runners. Understanding that running for life is your goal and injuries will occur just be patient and surround yourself with like minded and positive people.

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    5. Control the controllable:

       Don't be checking the weather forecast because there is nothing you can do anyways.

       Vary terrain - Barry does hill running, grass and road all in the same week

    6. Sleep:

       You need your sleep to be able to perform everyday

       If you don't get quality sleep you will probably need sugar for energy and then your diet will suffer.

       So, understand that if you have a few days of bad sleep plan your food intake to supplement for energy loss.

   7. Nutrition and weight:

       Barry knew his exact weight that he can perform at his best.

       He would get there and try and maintain before the big race.

       He takes an iron supplement and fish oil on a regular basis.

       When training for a winter marathon maybe take on a supplement like Echinacea’s to prevent flu.

       Also, you can get an iron test in most chemists for a tenner but if your iron is running low then your energy will go so check it once every three months.

   8. Taper does not mean stop:

       Barry likes to do a 5k or 10k race the week before the marathon.

       Also, he likes to do 20-minute run at marathon pace the week before the race.

   9. Prepare like a professional:

       Get your race gear ready 3 days before.

       Have your food prepared and don't change a thing.

       Go into the expo to get your number and then go back to your hotel, Rest.

  10. Race strategy.

       Barry starts slow and tries to slowly increase to his marathon pace by the 5k mark.

       He then tries to hold that till the end

       But he also says if he feels really good he will go for it. 

Important additional points:

1.     Check your resting heart rate everyday - if it's off train the next day

2.     Consistency is the key - get out if planned and stick to it.

3.     Build core strength

4.     Barry varies terrain, runners but he is able to access if a terrain or runner did not work for him as he knows every other aspect of his running and his body. So keep a detailed log of food, exercise, stretches, strength work and food and go from there.

On a final note,

I want to wish the marathon runners a hearty good luck, I hope you achieve your individual goal and remember everyone has a bad part in the marathon just try and not let it define your race. 

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