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TC Physiotherapy is a Physiotherapy, Massage & Sport Injuries Clinic based out of Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Our Mission:

Here at TC Physiotherapy we strive to help our clients resolve chronic pain and bring a new progressive approach to recovery in the midland areas. Our hands on approach gets to the source of pain effectively and efficiently, giving our clients the tools to maintain their pain free lifestyle for the future.

Through our consultation and thorough assessment of each clients individual needs, we clearly outline the diagnosis and the treatment options best suited to each case. We ensure that out clients are educated on the best management of their condition for both home and work, to speed up the recovery time and also to minimise the risk of recurrence.

Examples of techniques employed in TC Physiotherapy:

Postural Restoration institute (PRI)

Anatomy In Motion (AIM)

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT™)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)

Functional Integrated Needling (FIT)

Dry Needling

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage (IASTM)